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Sea Turtle information sites

We have collected Sea Turtle information sites from all over the world. Information and awareness will help to save the Sea Turtles. We hope you have as much fun as we have searching through these sites.


Wikipedia Sea Turtle

A great place to start your research.


National Geographic Sea Turtles for kids

As you would expect from National Geographic, this is a beautifully edited and informational site. The pictures are motivational!


Natonal Geographics Sea Turtles

This is an additional Nat Geo site. It has some facts but mostly it has amazing videos.


Gumbo Limbo Sea Turtle facts

Very informational sites. It has a lot of facts. Also the site has a link to realtime tracking of presently three turtles and historical date on many more that were tracked.


Plastic pollution 


Very thorough body of information regarding the Sea Turtle.

06/ Virginia Institute of Marine Status


Very informative site which identifies with some interesting facts



Ocean Service NOAA

Great short movie on baby sea turtle.


Hawaiian Paddle Sports

Probably my favorite site. You can tell that the site owners really love their work!


Mauai Kayak Adventures

Another great commercial site full of facts.


Sea Turtle Conservancy


Costa Rica guide Sea Turtle site

Commercial site identifying location in Costa Rica to see and help propagate sea turtles.

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