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Worldwide Sea Turtle Rescue organizations

A little help from our friends!

Below is a brief listing of Sea turtle rescue organizations we have found around the world. While our inclusion is not an endorsement of any organization we applaud their efforts. As time passes and we can research others we will add them to our list.*


Mote Marine

Located in beautiful Sarasota Mote is a world class Sea Turtle research and conservation organization. It is number one on  our donation.


Georgia Aquarium

An amazing organization dedicated to the preservation and education of sealife. In downtown Atlanta, it is worth a special trip!


North Carolina Aquarium

Really great interactive site full of information and teacher resource web lessons.



The iconic activist organization,Greenpeace has set the direction for all of us. We believe that their efforts however sensational have been the blueprint for successful efforts.

05/Live Science

Good information site with additional links

06/Hawaiian Paddle Sports

A stunningly beautiful commercial site. Makes you want to go to Hawaii. Great information about Sea turtles and beautiful pictures. Not technically a rescue organization but it is a valuable information site.

07/NOAA Sea Turtle info site

NOAA government info site . Nice movie about sea turtles hatching and other good info.

08/Smithsonian Sea Turtle site

09/Hawaii Wildlife Fund


Hawaii has a very active Sea Turtle population here is one organization working to preserve them

10/ Loggerhead Center


Great organization they have active tracking of sea turtles on their site! A definite site to spend time with.

11/South Carolina Aquariums


A world class organization

12/ Georgia Sea Turtle Center

On beautiful Jekyll island in Georgia. Great activities and tours.

*Unless you are involved in a sanctioned rescue operation, Sea Turtles should not be handled.

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