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This 6" x 9"" is the perfect size for cutting an apple or a lime. This is a small bar board!  I'll bet nobody has complimented your cutting boards before. My kitchen always has two or three around. Go figure:) Laser engraved bamboo cutting boards are where we started our business 10 years ago. A bamboo board is the only way to go. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, harder than maple and beautiful to see. Permanently laser engraved. Great sizes for daily use. Easily maintained, but dishwasher safe wash with soap and water. As with any natural "wood" product you should perodically use a food grade mineral oil on the board. Mineral oil can be purchased at any Walgreen or CVS. Too pretty to use? If you wish display one side and cut on the other side. As with any of our products if this board ever ceases to please you we will refund or replace it. FREE SHIPPING 

Small Elegant 6"x9" 100% Bamboo cutting board permanently laser engraved

SKU: 0500ST
  • Elegant and functionally designed 100% bamboo cutting board. Permanently laser engraved. Great sizes for daily use. The large board is perfect for everyday meal preparation and the small board (bar board) can be used for cutting an apple or lime. Both can be proudly displayed on the countertop. As with all fine "wood" boards they are not diswasher safe and clean up well with soap and water. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and is harder than maple.

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