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Hawaiian Tribal Turtle Meaning – These turtles, named 'Honu,' represent long life and good luck. They say that turtles guided the first explorers of Hawaii with their perfect navigation skills.


This is my new favorite item! Great feel and it will hold a lot of your favorite beverage. Make sure you buy at least one silver!  Use it every day knowing you donated to save these magnificent Sea Turtles.  Has someone told you no more than two cups of coffee a day? This is a big mug! You can have just two cups and still get a lot of coffee!  It has a handmade look and feel to it.That's half the reason I love it. Remember everything you buy from us is guaranteed. So if you are ever ever not satisfied send it back! FREE SHIPPING

Hawaiian Tribal Sea Turtle Ceramic Bistro Mug Microwave safe 16 oz.

  • Permanently laser engraved, large 16 oz., Microwave safe.

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