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Hawaiian Tribal Turtle Meaning – These turtles, named 'Honu,' represent long life and good luck. They say that turtles guided the first explorers of Hawaii with their perfect navigation skills.


Polar Camel Stainless Steel Powder Coated Wine Glass - Double Wall Insulated

Laser Engraving will last the life of the Wine Glass. We have had our products on Amazon for about six months and the blue wine glass with the sea turtle is by far our most popular item! I think the term wine glass is a little missleading because it works as well for mixed & soft drinks. It is a very convenient size. Comfortable to hold and the lid makes it nice around the pool or beach. Because the wine "glass" is made out of stainless steel obviously it will not shatter when dropped and is much safer around the pool or beach. I don't use the lid often but it does keep drinks cooler longer and keeps the pesky bees out. Remember anything you buy from us is 100% guaranteed satisfaction.


Hawaiian Tribal Turtle Stemless Wine Glass Stainless insulated 12 oz. with lid