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Hawaiian Tribal Turtle Meaning – These turtles, named 'Honu,' represent long life and good luck. They say that turtles guided the first explorers of Hawaii with their perfect navigation skills.


Polar Camel brand 30 oz. insulated tumbler. This is the tumbler I carry. It fits in my car cup holder. I use the optional handle that we sell separately. This a tier one quality tumbler. You can spend more, actually almost twice as much, for that other tumbler brand and you should do so if brand name is important to you. But if you want a same quality tumbler which will hold your ice for 24 hours with a beautiful sea turtle on it, buy this one. And we will donate to Sea Turtle rescue and rehabilitation.  If you don't like it send it back free and we will give you your money back. FREE SHIPPING 

Hawaiian Tribal Turtle Stainless Steel insulated tumbler engraved with lid.

  • Simple. If you are ever-ever not 100% satisfied send it back. We will pay return shipping and either credit your money back or send you something else, your choice. Contact us or call 941-315-9480.

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